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Guy Kawasaki sums up Innovation…

July 13, 2009 3 comments

Guy KawasakiI find it hard to add further comment to Guy Kawasaki’s presentation at Cisco Live. He sums up the difference between delivering a product to market, and delivering the product. For those who don’t know of Guy, he’s an ex Apple fellow, and an author of books such as The Macintosh Way and How to Drive Your Competition Crazy. You can find his Blog online where he comments widely on Apple, social media, energy and all kinds of interesting things. He’s now involved in matchmaking entrepreneurs and angel investors, and public speaking. For Guy, innovation means deep, intelligent, complete and elegant (DICE).

The take away I want to highlight is his message that you have anticipated what people need before they known they need it. Something that in my opinion is best served by gut feeling, industry experience and deep thought – not by asking an analyst what you should do.

To be truly great, and to be truly innivotive, you need to take some chances and push the envelope..

What makes innovation? First quality of innovation is that the product is deep, lots of features, does lots of stuff. You have anticipated what people need before they know they need it. They will not run out of power. Great products, great services are deep. Read more…