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Mastercard Acquires RiskRecon


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I’m pleased to announce that Mastercard has entered into an agreement to purchase RiskRecon

There’s been no secret that Mastercard has a very low opinion of cybercrime, and a belief that the massive success of “commodity cybercrime” could be somewhat mitigated if everyone had better knowledge of the cybersecurity flaws in their own environments, and also those of third parties they are deeply connected to.

Many well known cyber attacks – British Airways, Target etc were due to flaws in third-party environments, but it’s the flagship companies who are held responsible and have to “pay the price”.

RiskRecon helps people understand their first and third party risk, and provides a prioritized list of recommendations based on an AI-driven determination of the potential value of the asset in question. A severe bug on a website which only delivers static content is obviously not as critical as one on a site which has a shopping cart, or has an authentication page leading to HR information – so representing them at equal priority is not useful. RiskRecon knows the difference and helps people understand what to pay attention to first.

I am delighted to welcome Kelly White and his Riskrecon team into my group – Kelly was one of my first USA Banking customers for SafeBoot, and always treated me with respect, even though I was his “vendor” – I hope I can repay the loyalty and respect he showed me then by helping RiskRecon reach the success they deserve under Mastercard.

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