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Speaking at the ISMS Forum Spain re Innovation..

A reminder for my European contacts, that I’ll be speaking at ISMS Spain in Madrid next week on the 25th May. The topic is “The role of CTO’s in Innovation, and promises to be a lively discussion. Joining me will be Mark Bregman, CIO Symantec, Nikolay Grebennikov, CTO, Kaspersky Lab, and Juan Miguel Velasco, Ass Dir of Security Services at Telefonica.


Countrywide additional $600m class action..

Following from the recent $20m class action suit against Countrywide Financial, they, and their owners Bank of America just got slammed with an additional $600m class action suit regarding improper practices.

Luckily, not related to any data breaches though.

New China encryption rules won’t pose headaches for U.S Vendors?

This week, Jaikumar Vijayan at Computerworld posted an interesting article about new Chinese rules designed to control the import of non-domestic encryption products.

Many people have infered that these new rules will mean products imported into China will be somehow compromised, or unsafe, because their details will have been released to the Chinese Government.

Nothing could be further from the truth.. Read more…