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Bringing Cyber Risk Analytics to 28 million USA Small Businesses

April 7, 2020 Leave a comment

This week, in partnership with the US Small Business Administration Mastercard announced a package of $250m to help small businesses – included in which my RiskRecon team at Mastercard launched an initiative to make cyber risk analytics available to all participants of the SBA Paycheck Protection Program.

Given that the majority of cyber attacks we see small businesses fall victim to are opportunistic, untargeted campaigns designed by the criminals to reel in unsolicited victims – they often rely on simplistic attack strategies – phishing emails, known vulnerabilities in common software such as WordPress and Magento, and other well-understood points of attack. These campaigns are mostly, if not completely automated, and this any vulnerable business can become a victim. The old excuse of “I don’t do anything important – I’m a small business” doesn’t protect one from compromise – the criminal’s automated systems don’t know or care – if they can hack you, they do. 

Products like RiskRecon help companies understand their exposure and help steer dollars and time spent into solving the most critical problems – the problems most likely to be exploited by criminals.

By making this tech generally available I hope we can help people protect their companies better, and maybe force the criminals to change their methodologies.

You can register for this offering on Riskrecon’s website.


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