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Take Two Of These Pills And Call Support In The Morning…

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

“McAfee launches a range of pharmaceutical anti-viral medications to thwart the growing problem of Biological computer viral attacks”

Sounds far fetched? Maybe not given that researches at Caltech have successfully engineered a biological computer which can calculate square roots using DNA replication.

Given that the researchers Lulu Quan and Erik Winfree have successfully demonstrated AND and OR logic gates at the biological scale, it’s inevitable in my mind that more and more complex systems will come in the future. Read more…

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AutoDomain 5.60…

June 14, 2011 10 comments

NOTE – Production-ready version 5.63 (as far as I am aware) is now available on  CTOGoneWild

This version is a real departure from the 5.2 and before series, as I got rid of the dependence on IE for the UI – it was becoming a real pain, with IE trying to display first run screens, telling me it was not installed etc. Generally the IE object was unreliable to say the least.

Instead, I used a whole bunch of HTAs – This is nicer architecturally as each stands alone and can be modified as you see fit, so you can change the UI without changing the logic of the script, plus they run independently so if they crash and burn, again, no problems for the script.

Other than that, there were some more changes to make the “Run On Logon” code asynchronous, so it does not stall the user experience when provisioning them. You can find a full list of changes at the top of the autodomain.vbs script.

Finally, if you enjoy this tool and it saves you a whole bunch of time and effort, you might want to send me something from my Amazon Gift List? Thanks!

You can read more about the current version on my previous blog on this topic.

Mobile Device or Not? That is the question…

June 9, 2011 1 comment

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been presenting around the U.S. at events such as Secure360 in St. Paul, and the McAfee Executive Summits in Boston and New York.

One question I was asked at every event, was “What is a mobile device?”

The flippant answer of course which after two weeks of middle seats and hours of flight delays comes easily to my lips, is “A device which moves from place to place” – but is that strictly true any more? Read more…

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