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McAfee Acquires SafeBoot

November 17, 2007 Leave a comment
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Yes it’s true – McAfee and SafeBoot have entered into an acquisition agreement.

McAfee Acquires SafeBoot

I know for some of you this may come as a shock, especially those involved in our IPO track, but I, Gerhard, and the rest of the board truly believe this is in the best long term interests of all of us, shareholders and employees alike.

There were many reasons for aligning ourselves with McAfee, we share the same product vision, the same understanding of the value of niche players, and of course, if you take the blunt view, do you want to compete against them?

In all seriousness this has the potential to be a very happy marrige for customers and us alike, and I hope you all will celebrate this union.

In anticipation of great things to come!

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