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Microsoft vs NY State – Stalemate, or fiasco continues?

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Following on from the July report of the Southern District Court of NY’s attempt to compel Microsoft US to hand over personal emails from a server controlled by Microsoft Ireland, physically in Ireland (really!), Today Microsoft voluntarily offered themselves to be in contempt of court.

Ie, they know they’ve not done what the court asked, and they don’t intend to.

Bloomburg gave a brief summary of the event –  which is a follow on from the July story

Usual disclaimer – “I am not a lawyer, but my wife is” – This case seems to be revolving around the courts supposition that all data controlled by a company is “company records” – of course company records are subject to subpoena by the court of their domicile wherever they are held. However personal data managed by a company is currently not.

Can a US court compel a healthcare provider in another country to hand over your health records? What if that healthcare provider is a multinational USA corporation?

Is there a difference between your health records, and your personal email?

It will be interesting to see what happens next..

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