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More than Spam – Baloney?

I hate spam – it wastes my day, wastes my bandwidth, and mostly it’s inanae rubbish.


Even more than spam, I hate those obviously mailing-list targeted emails that I recieve from small companies trying to reach a larger customer base, who obviously think that by sending messages to everyone in the list, they can attract a little more buisness.

I HATE the fact that they try to act personal, but obviously have no idea who I am and who my company is before sending their stupidity out.  Take this message for example from John H. Ackermann from Klaras Group, LLC / Amerivest Group in Boca Raton who sent me this message:

Good Afternoon:

Several strategic business buyers and private equity groups have requested our firm’s assistance in locating a company within your industry that has annual sales of $1 million to $50 million, and is positioned for a merger, divestiture (sale in part or full), or is need of a cash equity investment.

If your company meets this criteria and you would like to explore the possibility of merging with a strategic partner or the outright sale of your business, please contact me today.  Please be assured that our communication will be kept strictly confidential.

If your business has sales of less than $1 million, and you are considering selling at this point in time, please contact me and I will refer you to an associate within our firm.


John H. Ackermann, CCIM
Certified Commercial Investment Member
Amerivest Group
Boca Raton, FL

Phone:  (561) 818-2954
E-Mail:   JohnA@AmerivestGroup.com

“at Amerivest we mean Business!”
Business Sales – Mergers & Acquisitions since 1983

Well John – let me think and take your points one by one.

1. Does McAfee have annual sales of $1m to $50m ? Well, it’s pretty easy to find our results on our website John – And from there, you can find our quarterly numbers -for instance Non-GAAP revenue for Q2 2010 was $495million. I guess the answer to your question is a firm NO.

2. Are we positioned for a merger, divestiture or sale? – Have you been living in a cave John? Maybe somehow you missed the note about Intel courting us? I mean, I know not everyone follows CNN, BBC News, CBS News, FOX etc. but damn! you have to be living deep in a cave without internet access to have missed it.

What a time waster eh?

  1. October 21, 2010 at 09:51

    Yup! Well you are indeed not the only one that gets this rubbish. But I have to say, it is good for a funny article by Simon ;).

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