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I got a virus in my email? Me?!?…

Today I received a very pleasant email from the “Student Support Center” of, I guess Hotmail? It seems I got a virus in my Helpdesk.edu account (funny, I don’t remember signing  up for it, but hey, I must have eh?).
If I respond to them with my user name and password, they will fix it for me. Thankfully, the password will be encrypted somehow magically when I reply to them.
Now, if I could only work out what my user name is…
From: Help Desk <info@helpdesk.edu>
Subject: Help Desk: Virus Alert
Reply-To: help.support1@hotmail.com
Return-Path: info@helpdesk.edu

Security Notification,

A DGTJTO virus has been detected in your folders. Your email account has to be protected to our new Secured DGTJTO anti-virus 2010 version to prevent damages to the Database and your important files and messages. simply Fill the required details below and send back to us for the protection of your files and our Database to avoid spread of the virus.

Full Name:
Anti Virus Code:0023tfg

Director of Webmail Support Centre. Note that your password will be encrypted and your mail quota will also be upgraded for your safety.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Support Centre.

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