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“Are Youse guys responsible for bleeding Anti Virus 2010?”

For those who know me, know I am a great lover of Google Voice – if you don’t know the service I advise you check it out, it has amazing features like call announcement and voice mail transcription. I use it to keep the marketeers away.

But tonight, I got a very interesting call from a nice guy called Andy from Queens, NYC, who in a traditional movie star accent which I can’t do justice to asked me “Are youse  guys  responsible for Anti Virus 2010?”

Andy it seems had been caught by the scam AV2010 software – a nasty little Trojan which pretends to be a useful AV program, but of course is just annoying, and may infect your machine with other naughty things.

It seems the sneaky authors had put my Google Voice number into the program as technical support. Now, that’s just ironic to the point of being funny.  I really can’t wait for the influx of calls from irate people.

Andy had an inkling he’d been caught by a scam and was nothing but pleasant about it, though if he ever catches the authors, I think they will be in a lot of bother – he certainly seemed the kind of guy ‘youse’ want to be fighting with, rather than against.

So Andy, I’m sorry I could not help you more, but if you happen to come across this post, I found some good instructions on the McAfee Corporate Site. Good luck to you sir!

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