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Hacking Exposed – Son of Scoop.pl

After attending this mornings Hacking Exposed session at McAfee Focus 09, I was inspired to recreate Stuart McClure’s “Scoop.pl” script. I don’t have Python or Pearl installed on my machines, but I do have VBScript, and I do have Primalscript, so it seemed a simple thing to create this useful tool which helps you get the lowdown on what sites are present on a given URL.

I probably could have got the regular expression better – if anyone has a particular expertise in this area, please feel free to share it with us as a comment.

The script is simple, run it from a command prompt and it will give you the options, but in short, it can be used to distill out all the derivative sites of a particular URL. Given a name such as McAfee.com for example it will return community.mcafee,com, kb.mcafee.com, siteadviser.mcafee.com etc. You can download it from CTOGoneWild.

It’s also an example of how to retrieve web pages using VBS and process them, something which can be both useful, and nefarious.

Enjoy, and if you’re here at the conference, say Hello!

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