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5 Steps To Data Protection Nirvana..

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

This week as many of you know I’ve been working out of our South African office in Johannesburg, and in particular presented 4 sessions at the McAfee Executive Summit here.

ITWeb, who co-sponsored the event were kind enough to give me a writeup on their site which you can enjoy at your leisure.

Thankyou though to all the customers and partners who came to see us and made the event such a success!

Speaking at the McAfee Houston Community User Group, September 2nd..

August 10, 2010 1 comment

I’ll be speaking on Data Protection and Privacy law at the Houston Community Group meeting, amongst other speakers such as Martin Littmann, Director of IT Systems Kelsey-Seybold, and John Schoweiler, Director of Security Opps, US Oncology. If you’d like to attend please contact your McAfee account manager for registration details.

Speaking on “Celebrations”, Seattle on 26th August…

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

No, I’m not talking about weddings or the like, Celebrations is a rather beautiful boat that sails around Lake Washington. McAfee have booked her out for a private tour. Attendance is by registration only, but if you think you might like to come you should approach your McAfee account manager.

Bon Voyage!

Speaking at “The Security Standard Conference”, NY on 13th September

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who follow me around, I’ll be speaking at “The Security Standard” on September 13th 2010. It’s only a short spot but I’ll be introducing some new information about McAfee’s unified DLP solution, and talking briefly about data protection regulations.

“The Influence Project”…

I came across this interesting project which hopes to measure the level of “influence” people have online – Basically you register, then you try to get as many people as possible to register as well.

Yes, Steven Cobert’s going to win it for sure 😉

Still, if you want to partake, you could do worse than boost me up the ladder if you find my posts an speaking influential in a positive or negative way – 🙂

Speaking at HITRUST in Ashburn, VA – 20th July…

For those in the Washington DC area, or those interested in information security and healthcare, I will be speaking alongside Kevin DePeugh (Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente) at the HITRUST conference in Ashburn on the 20th July. You can find out more about the HITRUST initiative from their website,

“And The Audience Says…” – Feedback from the Amsterdam Executive Summit

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Last month I was invited to speak at our Executive Summit in Amsterdam, where 100 or so CIOs, CEOs and other executives from the Benelux area came to hear what McAfee was up to, and tell us where we were going right (and wrong).

Not content with talking at them for the day, we plied them with good wine, crispy bread and sandwiches which you could never find the equal in Subway or Quiznos. We also gave out some homework, asking participants to complete a survey of their security concerns which came back with some interesting results: Read more…